Patient Safety Debriefing in the Operating Theatre is Proving Successful

A study in 2011 found a “powerful link” between pre-surgical briefings and the perception towards safety in operating theatres. The study showed that the use of surgical safety checklists resulted in a better safety. But what about post-surgical briefings and what are the tools available to keep the continuity of safety paramount throughout entire procedure?

Today, the Department of Neurological Surgery at the UCSF Medical Center is using digital rounding solution Orchid.UCSF Medical Center is the first in the nation to adapt Orchid to standardize post-operative surgical debriefings in the OR. Use of Orchid has helped improve communication among the nursing staff, surgeons and anesthesiologists, thus enhancing patient safety and quality of care in the OR.

As a rounding solution, Orchid’s interface is oriented around the building of customizable checklists, surveys, and scripts, thus adapting the technology to the needs of a post-surgical team was quite straightforward. For CipherHealth, the OR is yet a new area of the hospital where we are seeing Orchid have a meaningful impact and we couldn’t be more

Are the presence of checklists and structured debriefings more prevalent at your hospital? What are the tools being used?

An additional tip of the hat to UCSF: Their nursing staff was recently recognized for their poster “A Positive Discharge “Touch”: Implementation of a Centralized Nurse-Led Hospital Discharge Telephone Call Program” with a first place win in the Transitions category at the 2015 Annual NICHE Conference. According to the poster, since launching CipherHealth’s Voice solution to improve patients’ compliance with discharge instructions and reduce readmission rates, UCSF attained a 75 percent patient reach rate and noted that data and patient feedback are being used to improve the discharge and transitions processes.

Congratulations to the team!

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