Parsing Patient Engagement: Better Compliance or Better Decisions?

In a recent post by Forbes, Michael Millenson explores the question of whether or not engaging patients means empowering them to comply with their care or make better decisions about their care. While exploring the HX360 pavilion at HiMSS 15, Michael explored companies offering patient engagement through better compliance such as our own product, Link, which monitors patient engagement, as well as, companies offering decision support such as Wiser Care.

When it comes to patient engagement, bettering compliance and decisions together has the most value.  As Mr. Millenson pointed out, patient satisfaction is “increasingly linked to compensation in the inpatient and outpatient environment alike.” Instead of asking either or, the question should be how do you achieve both without overburdening the patient. As we move more towards aligning financial incentives that reward better outcomes and patient-centered care, it is key to find engagement tactics that encourage patients to take control over their care and make the lifestyle changes necessary to get better.


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