OSF St. Mary’s Uses Leadership Rounding to Connect with Patients

For OSF St. Mary’s, rounding is not just a task to check in with patients; it is a form of connection, accountability, and improvement across the organization. As we have explored, leadership rounding is an essential component in improving patient and staff satisfaction, and this is especially true for OSF St. Mary’s.

In a recent article, OSF details the important role leadership rounding has in delivering quality care to patients, as well as, the daily activities for administrators. Roxanna Crosser, President of OSF St. Mary’s said, “It’s just a really good way to connect with our patients.” Crosser explains that while not every administrator was initially on board with the program, the hospital has done an incredible job in making sure the process is seamless and that the value is easy to see.

To help prioritize the initiative, an hour is blocked off each day for administrators to round and check in with every patient. Administrators use tablets with the CipherRounds application to answer preloaded questions and submit automated alerts for quick issue resolution.

Crosser says of her experience with rounding, “It really connects you with health care and the reason we’re involved in healthcare and connecting with patients. I love doing them for that reason. It gives you that purpose of why our work is so important.”

By focusing on bringing leadership to the bedside, administrators are not only able to connect with patients on a personal level, but they can identify opportunity areas for improvement and drive positive change across the entire organization. As hospitals across the country look for ways to focus on and improve the patient experience, leadership rounding will play an increasingly important role.

You can read the full article about OSF St. Mary’s Leadership Rounding Program here. For more information about CipherHealth’s digital rounding solution, CipherRounds, contact us today.

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