Optimal Reporting for Our Clients

In 2009, our co-founders created CipherHealth with the hopes of improving the healthcare experience. Our tirelessly dedicated and passionate team worked hard to develop tools that providers and healthcare leaders could use to make their jobs more efficient, thereby allowing staff to spend more time with patients and less time performing administrative duties.

Reporting, an initially overlooked aspect of healthcare, was a top priority for us. We wanted to provide our clients with reporting capabilities that allowed for tracking of trends and long-term improvements. Robust reporting also allows for targeted enhancements, better work-flow, higher patient satisfaction scores, and significant savings. The reports we created delivered actionable insights quickly paved a path of success for our clients.

As such we are honored to be awarded the 2016 Excellence Award Winner for Social Impact by Pentaho, a business analytics company. As we continue to see success through our metrics and contribution to the field, we’re proud that we can help our clients to better serve their communities. To read more, click here.

CipherHealth empowers providers across the care continuum to deliver enhanced patient experiences and communications through a modular, comprehensive patient engagement technology platform.