Moving the needle on specific HCAHPS domains

When it comes to HCAHPS it is important to not only increase HCAHPS on the whole, but also have the ability to target specific domains that might be affecting scores the most. For example quietness is a key HCAHPS domain because when a floor is loud it can mean patients are unable to sleep and they are likely to feel frustrated and give the hospital a poor rating. Realizing there is a quietness problem is only a part of the issue, but due to lack of more in-depth data, hospitals can only ask staff to be quieter and more aware of their noise levels.

If hospital executives have more precise information through patient rounds or patient follow up they can better pinpoint which units and times are most likely to create noise that disrupts a patient’s stay. Having access to the right information around the issue makes it easier to create meaningful actions that have positive outcomes. In most cases it is not every unit that has to be quieter, but instead only the unit decreasing satisfaction scores.

Through better data collection and analysis we were able to tell one of of our client hospitals that is was men between the ages of 30 and 65 in one specific unit between the hours of 1 and 5 am who were having the most trouble with noise levels. This information took the hospital from 1% to 72% rank in their quietness domain.

This is something we see time and again, that data and poignant changes create better work environments that drive satisfaction. Focusing on ways that make the staff’s lives easier through patient engagement and outreach tools provides nurses more time with their patients while creating positive cultural changes within a hospital. It indicates that leadership is willing to listen and move towards initiatives backed by quantifiable data and transparency.

Finding the right tools is the key to uncovering the proper insights and initiatives for hospitals to focus on. Driving positive change through targeted initiatives is an easier task than spreading a wide net and hoping something will work to move the needle on satisfaction domains.

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