Many Nurses Still Rounding with Pen and Paper, According to Survey

On March 30th, nurse leaders from across the nation gathered at the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) annual meeting in Fort Worth, Texas. At the conference, leaders and innovators in the healthcare industry shared strategies, insights, and best-practices to improve patient care. CipherHealth attended the event, showcasing our best-in-class digital solutions for patient engagement and care management.

In addition to sharing solutions for improving everyday hospital functions, we provided a survey to attendees to gain insight into how such functions are commonly performed. The results were rather surprising.

The first portion of the survey focused on rounding, an essential process for ensuring patient safety, prompt issue resolution, and high levels of patient/staff satisfaction. Of the nurses who completed the survey, 56% reported that they conduct their rounds using pen-and-paper notes as needed. Only 20% indicated that they use a digital rounding tool, created by either the health system or a third-party vendor, to collect information.

There are numerous limitations of pen-and-paper rounding, including misplaced information, time and effort required to manually input information into spreadsheets, and fragmented communication between staff members. Although a large number of nurses still rely on this method, 34% say that they are fully satisfied with their current rounding system. Only 16% state that they are actively looking for a digital rounding tool. This suggests that many hospital leaders and frontline caregivers are unaware of the drawbacks of paper-based documentation, or might not understand the benefits of digital rounding.

When nurses can use a single platform for collecting and analyzing information from rounds, the process becomes more purposeful and efficient. Digital tools can also be customized to send automatic alerts to appropriate departments to streamline workflows and optimize issue resolution. Finally, digital tools with robust analytic capabilities provide insight into organizational trends, opportunity areas, and staff rounding activity, helping to hold team members accountable for completing rounds.

CipherHealth’s digital rounding solution, CipherRounds, features customizable scripts, automatic alerts, and in-depth reports to provide a seamless experience for staff, and drive positive outcomes for patients. In hospitals nationwide, CipherRounds has been shown to markedly increase HCAHPS scores, improve staff satisfaction, and reduce the time taken to resolve issues. For more information about implementing a digital rounding tool in your organization or for a demo of CipherRounds, contact us today.

As CipherHealth’s Chief Nursing Officer, Lisa Romano, MSN, RN brings more than 25 years of experience in clinical practice, healthcare IT strategy, and healthcare operations to her current role. Prior to previous CNO roles, Lisa spent 19 years as a nurse and hospital administrator at Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network in Allentown, PA, where she was responsible for all patient flow and transfer center operations as well as numerous quality and patient satisfaction initiatives. Lisa is passionate about improving the health of patients across the healthcare continuum.