Leveraging Payer-Provider Partnerships to Enhance the Health Consumer Experience

In today’s healthcare environment, collaboration and engagement are more important than ever before. As the industry continues to move from the traditional fee-for-service model to one that focuses on value, providers and payers will need to work together to improve the care outcomes of local populations in addition to reducing the overall cost of care.

In a recent article published by Becker’s Hospital Review, CipherHealth’s Vice President of Payer Strategy, Friso van Reesema elaborated upon how payers and providers should work as a team to keep patients satisfied and healthy.

In the article, van Ressema highlighted some successful payer-provider partnerships, such as that between VA-based Sentara Healthcare and it’s fully owned health plan Optima Health. In this partnership, the payer and provider collaborate to ensure patients receive the preventive care necessary to improve long-term health outcomes. By collaborating, the patient, provider, and health plan all saw benefits.

For patients, this type of collaboration will provide both short-term and long-term benefits by having multiple entities working to keep them healthy and out of the hospital. As the payer and provider relationship continues to evolve, this type of teamwork will help reduce long-term costs of care and improve overall care efficiency.

As van Reesema states, “Advocating for healthcare partnerships improves the healthcare experience for all of us and moves our system to a truly consumer-focused industry; one that supports the health consumer, family, and community.”

For more information on how payer-provider partnerships are changing, see how member engagement technology is helping payers and providers achieving the triple aim.

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