Leadership rounds and the impact on hospital culture

When was the last time you talked with a new hire about his/her work experience and what did he/she say? Did you keep track of feedback? Did you act upon it? These are the types of questions we ask of ourselves and of our clients. Employee feedback is a crucial part of driving positive cultural and operational change. In a hospital setting this feedback typically stems from leadership rounds.

Leader rounding (also known as administrative rounding) is a practice in which hospital leaders set aside dedicated time to talk with staff and physicians. The primary goal of leader rounding is to provide leadership and the overall organization with a better read on the “pulse” of the organization. When carried out purposefully and regularly, it can have a tremendous positive impact on employee morale and engagement.

Unfortunately, it is all too often carried out in an ineffective way (or not at all). Organizations miss out on capturing meaningful data, staff rounds occur with little consistency, and the overall process is tedious for all involved. One of our clients using our rounding solution, CipherRounds, saw the impact of meaningful and purposeful patient rounding, and decided to apply the same initiative to their own staff members.

Our client uses CipherRounds to perform monthly evaluations on the hundreds of staff members throughout every department in the hospital. With each round valuable data is captured about specific staff members, various hospital initiatives, and the positive and negative aspects of the organization as a whole. They are able to use our real-time dashboards and in-depth reports to understand trends, analyze insights, and drive improvements throughout the entirety of the organization.

The power in leader rounds not only comes from the wealth of data the organization is able to leverage, but also the cultural shift that occurs because of their dedication to understanding and acting upon staff needs. By asking each individual questions such as, “What initiatives do you feel are driving the most value?” staff members feel they have a voice and are more dedicated to the initiatives, the organization, and the patients.

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