Key Takeaways from the HiMSS Leadership Survey

Every year HiMSS distributes a leadership survey to better understand how hospital leaders are facing the fast-paced changes happening in healthcare across the country. Health IT leaders are responsible for many of the initiatives hospitals are putting in place, so the survey is a great way to gather feedback on multiple topics. Healthcare IT news put together an informative list of the key takeaways from the survey, and below are some of the points we found to be most informative. 

What was unsurprising is the amount of respondents (81%) who say Health IT is a highly strategic tool at their organization and the amount of respondents (76%) who say their technology usage fully supports their overall business plan. What was surprising is the amount of survey respondents who recognize the gains in achieving the triple aim. Nearly two thirds indicating improvement within the patient health experiences and more than half indicated that IT was reducing the costs of healthcare and improving population health.

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The focus Health IT leaders are putting on clinical initiatives such as patient satisfaction or improved outcomes represents a larger shift in the healthcare industry as a whole. We are big believers that by using technology is a crucial component to achieving not only the triple aim, but other goals organizations are aiming to achieve.

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