JB Powell of CipherHealth on the State of the Healthcare Industry


This past week, Johnbanks Powell, a Care Solutions Specialist at CipherHealth, was featured in “First Choice In-Home Care Blog”. The interview discusses top challenges of the medical industry, effective technologies to help patient-centered care, and how quality in-home care helps to reduce readmissions. According to Mr. Powell, “home health agencies are seeing a higher acuity patient than ever before. Staying engaged with these patients throughout their episode, including the time between home visits, is extremely important.”

However, engaging with patients via technology solutions can often be problematic for patients and providers. For patients, the idea of checking in via an app or wearable device may be overwhelming. For home health care providers, technology can prove costly and ineffective. This is why Powell states the importance of finding the right technology solution to fit patient needs, while keeping costs low to drive positive results. Striking this balance is key to remaining competitive in the home care marketplace as regulations and patient expectations continue to change. For a free consultation on how technology can improve your home care agency, contact us today.


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