It’s Cold Outside: 6 Ways to Cozy up your Office and Beat the Winter Blues

Its Cold Outside

Hygge is a Dutch concept of feeling content, comfortable, and cozy. As the holidays are over and we have officially moved on to the coldest part of the year, I think we are all aiming for a little more hygge in our lives.

Employee wellness is a crucial part of the culture at CipherHealth. Because we spend such a large portion of time at the office, it is important to spread this comfort there as well. Even in some of the most incredible spaces, there are still ways of adding some hygge-inspired items that can really make a difference to your mood in cold winter months.

Below are some ways I have been making it even cozier this winter.


  • Light Therapy Lamp: Winter in New York, like many places across the country, means it’s dark when you leave the house in the mornings and dark when you finish up at the office. Try combating the lack of sunshine by using a therapy light to help adjust to the lack of natural sunlight.
  • Heated blanket/blanket scarf: As someone who is always cold I keep both a heated blanket (here is the one I am currently using) and a blanket scarf at my desk. This way I can avoid having to complain to the entire office about how I’m “freezing.”
  • Plants: Fill your office space with plants. Just make sure to buy ones that will do well with the type of lighting you have in your office. I love snake plants and succulents because they are difficult to kill. If you don’t want the responsibility of keeping a plant alive opt for a fake version.
  • Tea or Coffee: I like to bring in my favorite tea from home and use a mug I love while I clear out my inbox in the mornings. If you are trying to reduce your caffeine intake – go for decaf.
  • Pictures: Put up pictures of your loved ones (including pets!) or artwork you find inspiring or meaningful.
  • Hand Sanitizer, Lotion, Chapstick: Winter not only brings about cold weather, it also ushers in cold season as well. Avoid getting sick and spreading germs by keeping hand sanitizer at your desk. Because hand sanitizer and heating dries out your skin, I would also recommend keeping lotion and chapstick on hand as well.  

Getting through the winter can be tough, but hopefully, these tips help to add a bit of Hygge to your day to day. To learn more about CipherHealth’s workspace, click here.


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