Implementing a Patient Engagement Strategy that Drives Success under Home Health Value-Based Purchasing

As reimbursement continues to shift from fee-for- service to value-based care, home health agencies are more incentivized than ever to adopt innovative strategies that facilitate higher quality of care at a lower overall cost. At the same time, competition is also rising as referral sources narrow networks to enhance their chances of success under alternative payment models such as bundled payments.

There are several ways for home health care providers to succeed in this environment. One such way is to implement a robust patient engagement program. By regularly calling 100% of patients on census, agencies can better understand, act, and improve on data to reduce readmissions and improve the overall patient experience.

Implementing a successful patient engagement that enables frequent outreach to all of patients on census requires the right types of technology for effective patient and family engagement. This can mean regular calls to survey patients and text outreach to engage family members in their loved one’s care.

With CipherOutreach, patients and caregivers can answer customized questions through automated calls and texts. Should an issue or concern arise, the call is escalated to appropriate staff, preventing avoidable hospital readmissions. As an added benefit, the additional patient and family touch points can drive higher levels of satisfaction, as reflected in increases in HH-CAHPS scores.

Register now for our upcoming webinar with Well Care Home Health to learn more about how home health agencies are leveraging patient engagement strategies to capitalize on value-based incentives and become a preferred post-acute provider.

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