I celebrate nurses because of all the Nurse Missy’s who make getting a shot not so bad

As a kid I hated having to get a shot. To me there was nothing worse than the moment when Nurse Missy would bring out the vaccination tray and I knew what was about to happen. While my mother would look embarrassed as her eldest child kicked and screamed, Missy just waited patiently and would quietly calm me down. She would hold my hand and make me feel just a bit better about the process. 

What I appreciated then was that she didn’t laugh at my tantrum, she didn’t get frustrated with my attempts at climbing down from the exam table, and she made me feel that while she understood why I hated them, everything would be okay.

What I appreciate now is that she always made even the worst experience (at least in my young opinion) a positive experience. Even though she had a dozen other kids waiting to be seen, she still managed to take the time to calm me down and make sure I received my shot. To this day I am grateful for her patience and understanding. Not to mention, she always knew exactly which cartoon Bandaid I wanted.

Missy is one of my first memories of a nurse who went the extra mile, and while I still hate getting shots, I know that the nurses who have to give them to me care about my well being. For all of the Nurse Missy’s in the world, I celebrate nursing. Happy National Nurses Week!