How CipherOutreach Helps Improve HCAHPS Scores


Our post-discharge follow-up program, CipherOutreach, reaches patients via phone after they leave the hospital. Based upon the patient’s answers, CipherOutreach alerts nurses to those with issues and those who may be at risk of being readmitted. CipherOutreach has a number of qualities that help to increase hospital HCAHPS scores and identify pain points that may be lowering HCAHPS as well.

First and foremost, the program has the ability to reach 100 percent of patients, giving each and every patient the peace of mind that their hospital is taking steps to follow through with their treatment plan.

Next, CipherOutreach can capture patients who are “somewhat” satisfied with their time at the hospital after they were admitted by spending the time necessary to follow-up with them about any issue be they clinical or satisfaction. Hospitals are able to ensure any issues the patient has post-discharge are addressed and fixed by managing the volume of patients needing callbacks.

Finally from an administrative perspective, hospitals actively take control over their readmission rates, in addition to improving their overall discharge process. Hospitals are able to see where there might be a gap between hospital process and patient satisfaction through data collection and received reports. Concrete data behind problems provides a concrete basis for improvement.

For patients, CipherOutreach increases their satisfaction by showing the hospital’s dedication to their wellbeing. For hospital, CipherOutreach increases HCAHPS by identifying ways to improve the overall patient experience. To learn more about CipherOutreach, please click HERE.

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