How to make nurse rounds more effective

Making hospital rounds more effective starts with finding the right strategy that not only works with, but enhances your team’s workflow. When it comes to nurse rounds, there are a variety of available options, but the most important step is understanding exactly what your team is trying to accomplish by rounding.

The goal of hospital rounding is to gain insight and understanding into the patient’s perceptions, experiences, and risk level. Questions such as the 4 P’s help evaluate if the patient might be at risk for a fall or if they are comfortable with their stay. The information taken from rounds should be used to drive further improvements that positively impact patient stays.

While almost every nurse will agree that rounding is a crucial hospital function, most are dissatisfied with their current rounding process. Many hospitals are still using pen and paper for nurse rounding, and the biggest limitation is retrieving valuable information and data from each rounds. For pen and paper users, the next step would be to find a way to standardize scripts and input the data into an excel spreadsheet. This process creates more headaches than insightful information, and limits improvements hospitals can make.

So then how do you make nurse rounds more effective? The answer lies in finding better processes than using pen and paper. While many hospitals try to implement new strategies, the end result is still lack of transparency, data collection, and a negative impact on workflow.

The real answer to effective rounds lies in bringing technology into the process. A digital rounding tool enhances nurse workflow and directly impacts the amount of time nurses spend with patients. It makes data collection and reporting easier, which gives both floor nurses and hospital executives insight into the rounding process and how to drive improvements. Most importantly, technology can be leveraged to make patient safety a top priority. Automatic alerts, flagging features, and rounding history all play major roles in increasing both patient safety and satisfaction.

A nurse rounding tool is a great place to start in making rounds more effective. The key is making sure the features offered work towards achieving the right goals and addresses any limitations within the organization’s current rounding process. The right nurse rounding solution is what will make the difference between meeting or exceeding patient expectations, and creating an effective or ineffective rounding experience.

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