How CipherRounds Can Help Hospitals Prepare for the Age of Big Data


Like most industries, healthcare is no exception to the challenge of what to do with big data. The possibilities seem endless, and there is no doubt that understanding patients and their needs through big data is an important future prospect. However, hospitals currently struggle with data aggregation through EMRs, and much of the information is still recorded via the traditional pen and paper.

The three “A’s” of big data – aggregation, analysis, and action – is a challenge itself. Bridging the gaps and actually obtaining the data is the first step to transforming data into actionable programs and overall improvement. From there hospitals need to actually analyze the data to find insights and actionable items.

So how can hospitals find ways to bridge the gap between all of the different data points, including patient personal data, hospital data, and relevant third party data? The answer is to start taking steps in the right direction. A program like CipherRounds helps this process by providing an easy tool for nurses, executives, and hospital units to round and collect data that can then help inform hospital decisions. CipherRounds jumpstarts the process of aggregating and analyzing data, and taking actions based on any trends.


Rounding is about taking stock of how patients are doing and can include everything from rounding on supply levels to how satisfied a patient is. Rounding has always been about data collection. The problem most hospitals have is effectively collecting this data. CipherRounds, a nurse rounding application, makes this simple. An easy-to-use interfaces that auto-populates patient data and automatically sends alerts and escalations to the proper staff team makes rounding an engaging experience. This is completely different from standard rounding solutions, and human error can significantly reduce the reliability of the data collection. Having a standard best practice script and reducing the possibility of human error allows for data to be properly analyzed.


Once data is collected, there are a lot of possibilities for hospitals to see and analyze the data. This can be anything from identifying the right values for a real-time dashboard to the type of fields necessary for an effective report. Having the possibility to see any type of report can give the hospital more flexibility in finding insight into patient operations. CipherRounds’s real-time dashboard and customizable reporting options make analyzing data extremely efficient, as well as, actionable.


It isn’t enough to collect and analyze data, but it is also necessary to act upon it. Using data to inform decisions is one of the best ways to leverage data collection. Increasing HCAHPS, finding ways to improve workflow, or reducing readmissions are all possibilities in which an app like CipherRounds assists in exceeding goals of any hospital. For instance, being able to pinpoint the exact times and units where patients need additional quiet hours is an actionable initiative CipherRounds can help to inform and improve.

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