Hourly Rounding and Patient Satisfaction

In a recent study from The Institute for Innovation, researchers explored the impact hourly rounding has on patient satisfaction. As it turns out, it has a pretty significant impact. From “Overall Rating” to “Pain Management”, when patients receive hourly rounds, they are much more likely to feel satisfied with their care.

The study involved more than 100,000 patients and 100 organizations to determine the link between hourly rounding and patient satisfaction scores. The regular check-ins with patients through rounding gave patients the reassurance that someone would take care of their needs while the lack of rounds was more likely associated with poor pain management and ratings.

For hospitals looking to improve their rounding process, the first step is communicating the value of rounding to staff members. Many times staff members feel it is a time-consuming task with little reward. Studies like this and the custom reports we run for our partners showcase exactly how much patient satisfaction is impacted by rounding. Once staff members realize the importance of rounds, it is crucial for leadership to lead by example and make time for nurse manager and executive rounds.

Tools like CipherRounds, help streamline the process and makes data collection and analysis much easier, but organizations must make a concerted effort to improve the process and show its value. Without a dedicated effort for more meaningful rounds, patient satisfaction will remain stagnant and will potentially drop.

To see the impact digital rounding can have on your HCAHPS, download our case study here.


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