Go Beyond HCAHPS with Cross-Continuum Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement Beyond HCAHPS

During the Becker’s Health IT + Clinical Leadership + Pharmacy Conference, Lisa Romano, MSN, RN, CNO at CipherHealth, is participating on the panel, What Does “Patient Experience” Mean Today? How Does it Relate to Engagement?

At the conference, we are thrilled to meet healthcare executives that are advancing the future of healthcare delivery. If you or your team will be attending the conference, join Lisa as she explores the new data-driven model for engaging patients across the care continuum during the panel on Friday, May 3rd at 2:50 PM. While at the conference, our team would be thrilled to meet you at Booth #42S for live demos of CipherHealth’s KLAS #1 ranked patient outreach and digital rounding solutions.

The following interview originally appeared in Becker’s Hospital Review as part of the Conference Speaker Series.

What one strategic initiative will demand the most of your time and energy in 2019?

In 2019, one of my priorities is educating and empowering leading health systems to keep patients safe during transitions of care. With patients often facing underlying psychosocial challenges that may impede optimal post-discharge recovery, health systems have the opportunity to proactively engage and support patients during care transitions as they manage their medications, pain/symptoms, and overall care plan. Every patient deserves follow up. By engaging all patients as they transition from one care setting to the next, health systems can systematically ensure patient safety.

What is the biggest evolution you’ve seen among the hospitals/health systems you work with over the past 2-3 years?

In partnering closely with health systems over the past few years, I’ve seen an evolution in patient engagement maturity levels. With the shift towards value-based care, many healthcare executives are leading their organizations in developing strategies that reach and engage patients across the care continuum. By developing a data-driven patient engagement strategy that extends beyond the four walls of the hospital to meet the patient where they are in their journey, these organizations can systematically improve patient outcomes and experiences along the entire arc of care.

Tell us about the last meaningful interaction you had with a patient.

As part of a nurse leadership rounding initiative, I had the opportunity to round on an elderly woman who was about 24 hours post abdominal surgery. The patient was in pain, explaining that she felt anxious and fearful because her husband was admitted to the ED with chest pain during the previous night. She had no recent updates on his condition. At that point, I could see that her clinical condition was greatly impacted by the fact that her husband was ill. Allowing the patient to talk about her concerns and getting a current update on her husband was what she needed most. I stayed with her until her son arrived. He took her hand, assuring her that he was going to be there for both of them. When he explained, “Dad was getting the best care downstairs in the ED and was stable”, the patient took a deep breath and was visibly less worried. I hugged them when I said goodbye and felt so happy that she had a smile on her face when I left her room.


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