Exploring The Patient and Family Engaged Care Framework: Leveraging Technology to Improve Engagement

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When it comes to patient and family engaged care, many of the opportunities in this field are just now being explored. I am thrilled to be attending the Planetree Conference in Baltimore next week and hope that you are too! The conference is sure to be a great time to hear and learn how organizations are using the Patient and Engaged Care Framework to address many aspects of care, health, and cost.

How does patient and family engagement impact outcomes, culture, care, health, and cost? For organizations partnering with CipherHealth, many are looking to assess the patient and family understanding of the plan of care. In doing this, they are engaging patients and their family members to gauge understanding and then answer questions, fill gaps in knowledge, and reteach vital information.

Both the CipherRounds and CipherOutreach post-discharge follow up solutions offer assistance with this assessment. For post-discharge engagement, calling patients is a proven strategy to reduce readmissions and cost. By using CipherOutreach, organizations are able to improve their efforts as these calls can be customized in languages and scripts to reach patients with different cultures and backgrounds, thereby reducing disparities in care.

When you think about how CipherRounds, a digital rounding solution, can help assess patient-defined outcomes or quality of life, you are considering the flexibility and adaptability of CipherRounds. At our recent thought leader forum, one participant said, “patients are better off–patients are helped with our services.” Using CipherRounds to measure the patient’s own sense of his or her quality of life provides input into developing a patient’s plan of care to achieve what they want in life.

Next week, I will be at Planetree as a patient telling my own story. After 30 years working in quality in acute care, I share my recent moments of truth across many healthcare settings. In December, I had a winter sports accident that changed my life in 30 seconds and after months of healing in all levels of care, I have changed my perspective on health care quality. Because healthcare has not been able to address its system failures, staffing and training issues, and create a culture of continuous improvement, patients have to become more activated in our own care.

If you are attending the Planetree conference, I invite you to spend 15 minutes to learn what happened and hear my request to others about the necessary changes in providing healthcare services. Also, be sure to stop by our Booth #30 to learn more about CipherHealth and its solutions. I look forward to seeing you there!


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