Do You Have an Integrated Approach to Population Health Management?


As care delivery transitions from a system built around the reactive treatment of illness to one that prioritizes the proactive care of chronic disease and the active advancement of a community’s health and wellness, providers need an integrated approach to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape and avoid pitfalls such as:

  • Approaching different populations separately, without considering the intersection of their respective payment and care models
  • Misaligning clinical, operational, and financial models

Boost Care Delivery with the Right Technology

For organizations compelled to take an integrated approach to population health management, new technologies will play an important role in providing the core competencies for success:

  • Data aggregation and integration
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Care management and coordination
  • Patient engagement
  • Incentive alignment and financial management

CipherCareManagement, CipherHealth’s best-in-class technology, makes it easy to send and receive actionable information across organizations. With CipherCareManagement, care managers can effectively connect with partners across the care continuum.

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