Concerned About Staff Retention During COVID-19? Purposeful Staff Rounding Can Help.

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Retaining skilled talent is an important priority for hospitals and health systems looking to provide the highest quality care at all times. Preventing staff turnover is especially relevant today as healthcare workers are facing immense uncertainty, vulnerability, and grief due to the COVID-19 pandemicHigh levels of staff burnout leading to staff turnover can be expensive and may negatively impact care outcomes and patient experiences.

Many of our customers are turning to automated staff rounds, in addition to patient rounds, to communicate with valued members of their team in a way that shows the hospital genuinely cares about their concerns. (For more on this, join us for our next “Roadmap to Recovery” webinar, “Caring for the Caregivers”, on September 16 from 2-3pm ET.) 

One Hospital’s Success With Staff Retention

A 773-bed regional medical center in Baton Rouge, LA, implemented a Staff Rounding program powered by CipherHealth. Leaders rounded on staff members and asked them questions related to job highlights, safety issues, process improvement, staff recognition, and career development. During the round, if a staff member indicated issues or concerns, managers could take action to address them. Following up on identified issues demonstrated accountability and the organization’s commitment to its  staff member’s success.








Graph of Hospital Staff Retention

Source: CipherHealth Case Sudy, ““Reducing Voluntary Staff Turnover with Purposeful Staff Rounding”. 


The medical center saw a direct correlation between staff rounding and greater staff retention. At a department level, the higher the percentage of staff members rounded on, the fewer  voluntary terminations occurred. When less than 25% of the staff was rounded on, voluntary terminations were just over 15% of the staff population. When the number of staff rounded on was increased to over 90%, the percentage of staff turnover decreased by nearly 40%. 

Now is the time to address the hidden COVID-19 crisis of staff burnout, depression, and PTSD and how your team can use staff rounding to establish real-time communication and feedback processes that connect employees with the help they need.

To learn more about how your hospital or health system can prevent staff burnout and increase staff well-being and retention, download the complete case study, “Reducing Voluntary Staff Turnover with Purposeful Staff Rounding”. 

To hear firsthand how Henry Ford Health System used staff rounding to help care for their employees during COVID-19, register for our next “Roadmap to Recovery” webinar, “Caring for the Caregivers” on Wednesday, September 16, at 2-3pm ET. 


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