Community Engagement is a Valuable Aspect of Providing Care Throughout the COVID-19 Crisis

figures representing hospital community

When it comes to the health of your community, your organization is likely seen as a key resource and guide during the COVID-19 crisis. The actions that hospitals, health systems, home health agencies, and payers all take now will have a lasting impact on patient and member perceptions. 

We have seen that throughout this crisis, proactive communication is more important than ever to educate people, and direct them to the right level of care. This proactivity helps to reduce the additional burdens on critical staff resources of higher inbound call volumes or emergency department visits that could have been avoided.

Community Communication as a Powerful Tool

CipherHealth’s hospital partners are using our automated call and text outreach to implement COVID-19 Community solutions, including community operations updates, COVID-19 education, and community health check-ins to support these efforts. 

“With automated call and text outreach, your community will be proactively informed and this can help reduce the anxiety they feel around the virus. Your team is serving as a beacon of hope, and by reaching out at regular intervals, you can save valuable staff resources for direct patient care while preventing the spread of the virus within your community. ” said Lisa Romano, MSN RN, CipherHealth’s Chief Nursing Officer. 

Automated communications can help you communicate with your patients en masse and save valuable clinical resources for where they’re needed most. Our Community programs allow organizations to deliver operational updates, COVID-19 education, and mass symptom screening. Most importantly, the calls and texts can be sent to various segments of your community such as those who may be at a higher risk for contracting the virus. These communications can be set at weekly or biweekly intervals to monitor the health of your population and keep them informed of any changes, such as appointment updates and new COVID-19 information. 

As many healthcare providers are considering resuming elective procedures, it becomes even more important to keep your community informed and create a positive experience during these challenging times. 


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