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CipherHealth Launches CipherKiosk to Much Acclaim in Value-Based Care Environment

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New York, NY/ February 13, 2017

CipherHealth recently launched CipherKiosk, a patient-facing survey technology that resides at the point-of-care. Since its launch, clients ranging from physician practices to oncology centers have adopted the technology to improve the patient experience.

CipherKiosk is a stand-alone kiosk or hand-held tablet that healthcare providers can use in the waiting area or examination room setting to administer clinical assessments and patient satisfaction surveys. For patient experience initiatives, a patient would use the kiosk or tablet to quickly provide feedback on his/her experience. Patients would also be asked to specify what they would improve upon. For instance, a patient could express discontent with the temperature of the room or a long wait time.  

“The product is designed to help providers or even office managers get an understanding of how they’re doing in terms of achieving the best patient experience possible”, stated Zach Silverzweig, CipherHealth’s co-founder. “Often times, providers and receptionists are too busy to try and recognize problem areas that can easily be addressed, but CipherKiosk takes care of this for them.”

This type of feedback is critical to the success of physician practices across the country, as financial reimbursements are directly tied to patient satisfaction. With the expansion of value-based care, it is more important than ever for providers to meet patient satisfaction requirements for full reimbursement.

Most healthcare providers use patient satisfaction sampling as a common practice, however, mailed paper surveys are not an effective predictor of the patient experience. Many patients do not respond or don’t remember much about their experience due to the time lapse. By placing a satisfaction survey at the point-of-care while a patient is still in the office, providers obtain more accurate results to address either in real-time or at a future point.

There is essentially no comparison between our results with paper surveys and the post-encounter digital surveys with CipherKiosk. We were randomly sampling 100 patients per month with paper surveys and were getting a small fraction back,” stated Dr. Louis J. Wilson from Wichita Falls GI Associates. “In all, our paper survey responses were received for less than 1% of encounters. We currently get digital survey responses from about 35% to 50% of all encounters.”

The quick feedback from more patients is used to generate  in-depth reports that drive both short and long term improvement, and ultimately results in greater patient loyalty. Instead of acting upon one pieces of qualitative data, providers can spend their resources on making changes that the majority of patients will find valuable.

Overall, CipherKiosk can help any clinic take patient care and the patient experience to the next level. The solution increases patient visibility, improves issue resolution, and sets a path to success for any provider looking to excel.

About CipherHealth:

Since 2009, CipherHealth has been innovating and delivering products to help care providers effectively and efficiently provide quality of care for their patients.  By harnessing technology to improve patient outcomes and experiences, CipherHealth and its suite of products focus on the evolution of patient care.  CipherHealth is based in New York City and was named “Best Place to Work in Healthcare” by Modern Healthcare (2016). For media inquiries, please contact [email protected] or call (925) 858-4908.


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