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CipherHealth Arms Healthcare Providers With COVID-19 Crisis Response Solutions to Ensure Patients, Staff and Communities Are Kept Safe and Informed During the Pandemic Today, and Beyond

Blog Covid 19 Crisis Response Solutions

New Solutions Include Critical Screenings and Longitudinal Monitoring for Patients and Staff as States Reopen and Elective Procedures Resume

NEW YORKApril 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CipherHealth, a proven leader in adapting to healthcare providers’ patient engagement needs, is helping healthcare organizations keep patients and staff safe from COVID-19 amid rapidly changing situations with new critical screening and longitudinal monitoring solutions.

CipherHealth’s COVID-19 Crisis Response Solutions, designed in collaboration with world-class academic medical centers and the company’s internal clinical division, equips healthcare providers with validated, systematic and actionable ways to mitigate the spread of the virus, while preserving critical staff resources.

The COVID-19 Crisis Response Solutions are powered by the CipherHealth Patient Engagement Platform and address the rapid transformation happening throughout the healthcare industry as a result of the pandemic. These solutions are designed to confront the urgent challenges healthcare organizations face in caring for their patients and families, protecting their staff, maintaining sites and locations, and communicating with the communities they serve.

  • Solutions for Patients & Families:
    • Interactive screening, communicating test results, and longitudinal monitoring allows providers to address CDC, WHO, and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines in addition to limiting further spread with proactive communication and real-time data capture.
  • Solutions for Staff:
    • The need to preserve staff resources is paramount to addressing the challenges of the crisis. With regular symptom screening, and safety and wellness rounds, ensure your teams are safe, engaged, and appreciated.
  • Solutions for Sites:
    • In response to the evolving facility needs, audits and checklists help manage the capacity of beds, equipment, and staff to prepare for surges in COVID-19 cases.
  • Solutions for Communities:
    • Quickly communicate with a broader community as well as targeted populations to provide education, preventative health (i.e., flu vaccination reminders), and proactive guidance for chronic disease management.

“UCSF needed a way to reach thousands of patients to assess for coronavirus exposure. The ability to use [CipherHealth’s] automated, interactive phone call outreach system enabled us to not only alert patients, but also quickly identify which ones needed to speak directly to our care teams,” said Gina Intinarelli, PhD, MS, RN, Vice President of Population Health at UCSF Health.

“CipherHealth is able to adapt quickly to the needs of its customers and we appreciate their help during the COVID-19 crisis,” said Joy Burt, Patient Experience Improvement Manager at Akron Children’s Hospital.

As states begin to plan for the next phase of the pandemic, elective procedures are a top priority. According to CMS recommendations, providers will need to screen all patients prior to their appointment and staff members at a regular cadence. CipherHealth’s COVID-19 Crisis Response Solutions help prepare, protect and scale these efforts by ensuring hospital staff, caregivers, and patients prevent further spread of the virus.

“At CipherHealth we believe that the only way to ensure the health and well-being of the patient population is to also ensure the same level of safety for the healthcare staff,” said Jake Pyles, CipherHealth President and COO. “By equipping customers with these solutions tailored specifically for COVID-19, they are able to protect their patients, staff, and families from this devastating pandemic today, and as it evolves in the coming months.”

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We at CipherHealth have been proactively working with our hospital and healthcare partners since early February to deliver critical screening, monitoring and communications solutions specifically tailored for this unprecedented crisis. Our singular mission is to help all those that have been impacted by the virus with efficient, accurate and timely communications that enable a patient’s best chances at recovery, while also protecting those treating the sick and the families and communities who are taking steps to avoid infection. As states begin to reopen and elective surgeries become rescheduled, this large-scale communication and coordinated effort will be even more essential than ever.

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