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Celebrating PX Week: CipherHealth’s VP of Clinical Services Discusses the Role of Technology in Cross-Continuum Patient Engagement

Px Week Lyndsey Podcast

At the kickoff of Patient Experience, Lyndsey Lord, MBA, BSN, RN, Vice President of Clinical Services at CipherHealth, sat down with MarketScale to discuss a host of hot topic issues in healthcare.


Listen to the full podcast here:

The Importance of Patient Engagement and How Technology Helps


Referencing the shift to value-based care and consumerism in healthcare, Lord discusses why it’s so important that clinicians be cognizant of and prioritize the patient experience. She also talks about how providers are beginning to recognize the importance of engaging patients longitudinally, and explains how technology can be leveraged to drive these efforts.

Additionally, Lord marvels at the degree to which the digitization of health records and staff workflows has benefitted both providers and patients, while acknowledging some of the challenges to information sharing that still exist today.

If you’d like to learn more about how patient engagement strategies can drive patient experience improvements, check out these resources:


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