Care coordination and technology: The keys to improving post-discharge care

We recently published a briefing on care coordination and technology with Becker’s Hospital Review. Our very own Zach Silverzweig speaks to how hospitals can tackle the source of the problem, how effective care transitions can prevent unplanned readmission, and about leveraging technology as a post-discharge care tool.

See the introduction below: 

Improving post-discharge care has become a growing source of interest and exploration as hospitals put a stronger emphasis on reducing readmissions.

The shift from a fee-for-service model to a pay-for-performance model of care has thrust readmissions into the spotlight as a major indicator of hospital performance. Medicare’s decision to tie hospitals’ reimbursements to readmissions upped the ante further.

For Zach Silverzweig, co-founder of the healthcare solutions company CipherHealth, improving post-discharge care isn’t just about good business, it’s personal.

Mr. Silverzweig is a cancer survivor who — roughly 10 years ago — was treated at one of the top hospitals in New York City. Despite the hospital’s prestige, the care Mr. Silverzweig received after being discharged left quite a bit to be desired.

“The amount of support I got once I left the four walls of the hospital is night-and-day different than the kind of experience that I see becoming more standard nowadays,” says Mr. Silverzweig. “I remember creating a spreadsheet with medication guidelines for myself because it was before many EMRs printed discharge instructions. I also don’t believe I received any follow-up calls or contact from my doctor, with the exception of my scheduled follow-up appointments.”

Mr. Silverzweig isn’t alone; poor care coordination and post-discharge practices leave patients feeling confused and frustrated, decreasing the likelihood that they’ll adhere to medication and discharge instructions and increasing the likelihood of an unplanned readmission.

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