Can Rounding Still Be Purposeful During COVID-19?

Purposeful Rounding in the Time of COVID-19

Download our latest e-book, “Purposeful Rounding in the Time of COVID-19” to learn how leading health systems have adapted their rounding strategies beyond the patient experience to include improving quality and safety outcomes, promoting staff wellness, connecting patients and family members, preparing for surge capacity, and more.

Challenging. Unprecedented. A New Reality.

These are just some of the words used to describe this very difficult time in healthcare, as our nation faces a public health crisis that transforms the devastating effects of a deadly virus into an even larger threat to all healthcare delivery.

As hospitals navigate the path forward, bracing for an uncertain future means preparing for an inevitable second wave of flu-like illnesses in the fall and winter months. The resurgence of COVID-19 during a typical flu season, while providers are managing normal elective surgery volumes, procedure caseloads, and emergency room admissions, will require a delicate balance among space, staff, and supplies with careful attention paid to surge capacity planning that could be needed much sooner than any healthcare system can reasonably accommodate.

As we look back at the effects of this deadly pandemic over the past several months, some consistent themes have emerged. While each theme addresses different focus areas, all carry a common thread — the need for communication. If we are to forge ahead in this “new reality,” we must consider how traditional hospital workflows will adapt and be strengthened by real-time communication, and what additional resources might be required to manage this “perfect storm” in healthcare.

What makes rounding purposeful?

It’s hard to believe that in early February of this year, we talked about Purposeful Rounding with close to 1,000 healthcare colleagues and emphasized eye contact, sitting next to the patient, and a “gentle touch” when appropriate. At that time, patient rounding was primarily seen as a means to increase HCAHPS scores and improve patient satisfaction. Since then, the emergence of COVID-19 and its subsequent spread throughout the United States across the globe has forever changed healthcare as we know it.

Amid the pandemic, the question was raised:

How would rounding programs evolve and maintain momentum in light of the COVID-19 crisis?

The clinical team at CipherHealth is in contact with frontline workers at hospitals and health systems across the country every day. We developed this e-book, “Purposeful Rounding in the Time of COVID-19” to outline best practices and workflows we have developed to help our trusted partners adapt their patient engagement efforts at a time when effective and purposeful communication is needed most.


Download the ebook, “Purposeful Rounding in the Time of COVID-19.”

Please share your own stories of adapting rounding processes during the pandemic with us at [email protected].


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