Can Outreach Technology Improve the Patient Experience?


At NGPX 2018, join Ksenia Kurnakova, MPH, of the Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center for her Keynote presentation, “Leveraging Automated Outreach to Engage Patients: UCLA’s Journey.” This session will highlight the journey of scaling patient engagement to improve outcomes and experiences.


Key Takeaways:

  • Explore how automated outreach technology can help providers connect with more patients than traditional, manual outreach
  • See how UCLA effectively engages patients outside of the four walls of the hospital
  • Learn the keys to success in developing a patient outreach program designed to meet the Quadruple Aim

As healthcare continues to shift towards value-based payments, understanding how innovative organizations like UCLA are driving improvements will help propel all of healthcare forward. With efficient technological processes, healthcare systems can address complex problems through simple, yet impactful solutions. As Kurnakova will elaborate upon, even with automation, hospitals can still create meaningful and personalized connections that help improve patient experiences and help reduce the chance of an adverse outcome.

If you are curious to learn more about how health care organizations are driving positive results by engaging patients throughout the care continuum, we invite you to download this whitepaper on patient engagement strategies that achieve quadruple aim goals.


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