Beyond the EMR, Why Patient Engagement is the Future of HealthTech

Patient Engagement Beyond the EMR

In a recent Atlantic article, Rena Xu shares insights into the role the EMR has played in clinician burnout. The EMR has not lived up to its full potential of streamlining workflows, as healthcare providers are forced to spend more time clicking and typing than talking to patients. Unlike most industries, healthcare has struggled to find its place in the digitally-enhanced world. With companies like Target, Google, and Amazon providing targeted recommendations that make consumers’ lives easier, it is even more frustrating when the EMR proves to be more of a hindrance than a help to quality care.

While many of the features of an EMR are designed to keep patients safe, the documentation is proving to be inflexible to the needs of day-to-day care coordination. Things only become more complicated when trying to consult with providers outside of the network, as information is difficult to share and patients may be subjected to delays, duplicative tests, and missed diagnosis.

Xu shares the immense benefit that a new type of platform can provide: one that aggregates information, is built with the end user in mind, and helps collect the relevant information needed to provide quality care. This type of system will pull relevant information from the EMR and allow for easier documentation and coordination. Xu explains, “A dynamic EMR that didn’t just give physicians more information, but also helped them to prioritize, share, and act upon that information, would be far more useful than what currently exists.”

As the premier patient engagement technology company, CipherHealth offers a comprehensive enterprise platform that spans across the care continuum, enabling providers to deliver better care throughout the patient journey. Our solutions empower healthcare organizations to scale care management and coordination across care settings and patient populations. By streamlining repetitive documentation tasks and integrating data with clinically-validated resources, the technology enables providers to efficiently identify and address patient concerns, successfully achieving Quadruple Aim goals.

As Xu concludes, the key to long-term success will be to empower all stakeholders within the healthcare delivery system to shape a patient’s care and be accountable for the results. To truly transform how healthcare is delivered, experienced, and perceived, we must build robust, evidence-based processes that are focused on value.

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