Are You Ready for the New Magnet Recognition Guidelines?

With new guidelines for Magnet Recognition coming in April 2016, it has never been more important to engage your nurses and drive the subsequent commitment to the patient experience. To achieve Magnet certification, organizations will need to survey staff to prove that nurses are engaged and satisfied at work. Magnet not only wants to see overall engagement levels, but they will also evaluate it by department, unit, supervisor, job role, and key demographic items. It is important that high levels of nurse engagement are present not just in certain areas, but across the entire organization.

The best practice for building a culture of nurse engagement is to live it every day and to measure it consistently with the right items. For Magnet, nurse engagement extends beyond just satisfaction and includes items such as co-worker cooperation and supervisor recognition. This means that it is not enough to focus on nurse satisfaction by only looking at items like pay and benefits. While these are certainly influential factors, it is more productive for management to measure the aspects of the work day that they have direct control over, such as how well-equipped those on the frontlines are to execute tasks, or how staff is being recognized for hard work. By understanding the needs of your nurses in areas you can impact and change, you will drive nursing engagement to new levels.

By proactively measuring these new components of nurse engagement, you help ensure that your organization is in a position to achieve Magnet status. Additionally, conducting daily rounds on staff and collecting frequent data on employee engagement allows organizations to take the necessary steps for Magnet readiness before the formal application process.

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As Demand Generation Manager, Lucia Huang, RN, integrates her previous experiences on the front lines of patient care within the broader context of the business of healthcare. She is passionate about empowering nurses to provide the highest quality and experience of patient care through technology. Lucia graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BS in Economics from the Wharton School and a BSN from the School of Nursing.

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