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Addressing Social Determinants of Health with Proactive Outreach

Addressing Social Determinants of Health with Proactive Outreach

For payers and providers looking to reduce costs of care and improve population health, addressing more than just clinical needs is a key to success. New payment incentives that reward providers for value instead of volume means looking at the patient from a holistic perspective. Instead of addressing the symptoms of an acute episode, new incentives align providers and payers around the need to address psychosocial needs as well as clinical.

Addressing Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) requires alignment around incentives, collaboration across the continuum, and effective patient engagement. Tech-enabled outreach programs provide a cost-effective way to identify those with social needs and helps care team members address them for both short and long-term improvements.

With tech-enabled outreach, members can share underlying issues keeping them from taking control over their health. This can translate to transportation, housing, or food assistance that keeps patients on the path to wellness. This assistance is becoming easier to provide as the United States shifts from volume to value-based payments. As an example, a recent bipartisan deal allows for enhanced flexibility for Medicare Advantage plans in support service coverage. Under the new MA rules, Uber and Lyft rides are eligible for coverage in helping members get to their health appointments, typically a challenges to getting members the care needed to stay healthy and reduce overall care costs.

As collaboration and person-centered care continue to be at the forefront of healthcare innovation and payment reform, helping to connect members to community resources that address a variety of their needs. By proactively reaching out to members with technology, plans can identify which patients may need education around support services and then quickly connect them to the right resource to close the loop on the issue.

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