ACAP Webinar Recap: Working With UCSF to Screen and Communicate With Members

ACAP COVID-19 Webinar

Earlier this month, CipherHealth participated in a webinar panel discussion for the Association of Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP), “COVID-19 Pandemic: Right Member, Right Time, Right Resources”. Managed care partners Andrea Lazarek-LaQuay, Chief Clinical Officer of Nascentia Health, and Melanie Mease, Program Director of Maryland Community Health System, joined Friso van Reesema, VP, Managed Care; Alyson Farrell, Account Executive, Managed Care; and Lyndsey Lord, MSN, RN, VP Clinical Services; from CipherHealth. 

In this video clip, Lyndsey Lord explains how UCSF first reached out to CipherHealth when they needed help screening patients who had existing appointments as the pandemic became apparent. This led to CipherHealth to find ways to communicate en masse to whole populations about COVID-19.

“It started off with screening patients before they came in for appointments or elective or same-day surgery procedures…but we soon realized, we had to pivot the program when there came a need both from a payer and provider side to check on all patients, every member, to see if they’ve been exposed or if at risk.”

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“We’ve evolved from simple screenings to realizing this is a vulnerable population that we need to communicate with consistently and clearly, longitudinally, to ensure they don’t relapse, so that they can be safe at home, and continue to get them the treatment that they need.” 

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