ACAP Webinar Recap: The Impact of COVID-19 on Communities

COVID-19's Impact on Communities

Earlier this month, CipherHealth participated in a webinar panel discussion for the Association of Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP), “COVID-19 Pandemic: Right Member, Right Time, Right Resources”. Managed care partners Andrea Lazarek-LaQuay, Chief Clinical Officer of Nascentia Health, and Melanie Mease, Program Director of Maryland Community Health System, joined Friso van Reesema, VP Managed Care; Alyson Farrell, Account Executive, Managed Care; and Lyndsey Lord, MSN, RN, VP Clinical Services; from CipherHealth. 

In this video clip, Lyndsey Lord discusses the impact COVID-19 is having on communities through the lens of citizens making tough decisions to shelter at home while balancing Social Determinants of Health (SDoH), including Economic Stability, Physical Environment, Food Stability, Community & Social Context, and navigating the complex Healthcare Delivery System. Social distancing and isolation particularly challenge low-income cohorts, for whom the struggle to feed their families may become even more acute as a result of jobs potentially lost in a down economy.  

“We’re all frightened,” Lyndsey said. “We’re all fairly socially isolated at this point…COVID-19 has affected all of us, it’s no longer really about a patient or a member, it’s about all of us as humans, and all of us within the community.”

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“This pandemic is going to change how we look at things. We’re all going to look back at this time when healthcare delivery shifted in our country, when care became available in the community, when folks started going down non-traditional avenues to receive care. And hopefully, we’ll begin to look at it with more of a quality and safety lens, and push aside a lot of the process and policy and procedure that happened previously, because it’s necessary to keep us safe.” 

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