A Small Investment for A Better Future

VNSW recently launched a pilot of CipherOutreach, CipherHealth’s post-discharge patient outreach solution. The partnership is a result of VNSW’s long-standing desire to put improved patient satisfaction and outcomes at the forefront of their care goals.

“This is the goal of value-based care models,” stated Johnbanks Powell, vice-president of post-acute care at CipherHealth. “CMS has good intentions, but it’s hard to know where to begin and how to keep more people safe and healthy.” Follow-up calls are often a good place to start. However, the number of calls required to contact every discharged patient can be overwhelming to any nurse or post-discharge team.  

This is where CipherHealth can help. Through real-time reporting and with a personalized yet automated follow-up call platform, the patient outreach technology provided VNSW with not only improved insights, but also helped them keep more patients out of the hospital. Overall, CipherOutreach helped VNSW successfully contact 73% of patients and provide follow-up calls to the 38% of patients that needed additional information or assistance.

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CipherHealth empowers providers across the care continuum to deliver enhanced patient experiences and communications through a modular, comprehensive patient engagement technology platform.