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A Shift to Digital Rounding: 4 Reasons Your Facility Should Get Rid of Paper and Pen Rounding

Even in a digital world, many Skilled Nursing and Long-Term Care Facilities still rely on paper and pen to complete rounding. Whether your facility completes resident-centered, staff-centered, or facility-centered rounding, using a pen and paper to document rounding is cumbersome and create duplicative processes in documenting, tracking, and analyzing information. Here are four reasons your SNF should shift to digital rounding:

1. Save Valuable Time:

    Using pen and paper to round can be extremely time-consuming. In addition, handwritten notes can be unreliable, illegible, and data can easily be misplaced. Digital rounding allows for ease of response and ability to save when interrupted.

2. Increase Accountability:

    Digital rounding technology increases staff accountability through documentation of every resident interaction. In addition, the ability to track issue resolution makes it easy to see the timeframe in which cases are closed. Performing and monitoring rounds electronically give administrators and executives visibility to stay informed and identify areas for improvement in real-time.

3. Measure Performance:

    Robust reporting allows organizations to analyze data and benchmark for success. Administrators can monitor quality of staff interactions with residents, identify departments and facilities where corrective action is needed, and drive targeted action plans for improvement.

4. Increase Efficiency:

    The purpose of rounding is to detect issues that need to be resolved. Introducing digital rounding to your workflow helps your staff optimize resources, increase efficiency, and ensure issues are consistently being resolved.

CipherHealth’s digital rounding solution adds transparency and accountability to your facility’s rounding process. Our best-in-class technology seamlessly integrates with your facility’s EMR, streamlining workflows and creating real-time reports. Orchid is entirely customizable, allowing your rounding programs to be tailored to meet your organizational needs.

Rounding on residents at SNFs is a critical function aimed to improve clinical outcomes and staff efficiency. Shifting to digital rounding streamlines communication and workflows while enhancing both the resident and staff experience. To learn more about how Orchid can help improve clinical outcomes, resident satisfaction, and staff efficiency, contact us today.

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