A Message from CipherHealth’s President on COVID-19 Actions

Ch Blog Covid 19 Message

We recognize that this is a trying time for each of our client partners and our community as you prepare for the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and provide care to patients that have already been impacted. 

While things are rapidly evolving, here are some of the ways CipherHealth is currently working to address the pandemic – for our clients, the healthcare community, and our employees. Please check back for future updates as the situation warrants.  

For our Clients:

At CipherHealth, we’ve successfully rolled out specialized programs for hospital systems across the country that enable them to conduct automated, proactive outreach screening for their communities in just a few days. We’re also talking with clients who have come to us for information on how to address their urgent needs for patient communication during this pandemic, including:

  • CipherHealth has launched a screening outreach program specific to COVID-19 to ensure that patients who may have symptoms of the virus do not arrive for elective procedures and tests and potentially expose others. This program also provides patients with information on where to seek care and facilitates a direct call with a member of the care team to reschedule procedures and further screen for identified symptoms. 
  • For clients that are currently using our Appointment Reminder solution, we are waiving any fees to change scripts so that you can use this tool to implement a “symptom checker” that screens patients for potential exposure to COVID-19 before they come to your facility for their appointments.

For the Healthcare Community:

While the U.S. healthcare system remains in a continued state of uncertainty since the outbreak of COVID-19, one thing we know for sure – the health and well-being of patients are our collective top priority. Now, and always, we look forward to helping healthcare professionals meet their needs for patient screening, safety, and engagement. 

To this end:

  • We’ve created a web page that details how we are responding to the World Health Organization’s four essential actions to be taken by healthcare providers during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with links to additional information.
  • We will be hosting a webinar that will enable hospital and care facility personnel to come together to learn more about how our tools can help them during the pandemic, moderated by a member of our Clinical team. Check back for updates on webinar scheduling. 
  • We have a section of our blog dedicated to information about COVID-19 including how to use automated screening to minimize community risk of exposure

For our Employees: 

CipherHealth is following the below protocol in the interest of keeping our employees, their loved ones, and our communities safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Expanded work-from-home policy 
  • Suspension of all business travel
  • Reimbursement of cab or ride-share costs for any employees who have a need or preference to be in the office
  • Communication of employee telehealth and telemedicine benefits provided through their insurance carrier, and how to access them
  • Regular “COVID-19 Updates” emailed to all employees 

While we pride ourselves on our hands-on support, we are encouraging our team members to  limit exposure to our employees, customers, and their families by conducting remote calls and web meetings in lieu of in-person visits. Safety is everyone’s top priority right now. 

We are deeply saddened for those who’ve been impacted by the virus and are committed to helping our customers and community during this unprecedented time. Please check back with us for future updates or reach out to us directly at [email protected].


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