A Letter to the Best Place to Work in Healthcare by Modern Healthcare

We all knew, before we won any award, that we had something special here at CipherHealth.

Our culture was hot forged in something we call “The Transition”, a month of all-nighters to help keep up with the rapid growth and scaling challenges that being a successful startup can create. At moments like these, culture comes easy. Everyone is rowing together, perfectly in sync (though really sweaty). How do you keep that feeling going? How do you keep it as you hire twenty people into a ten person team? How about another twenty? How about after you know “best practices”, instead of every project being pure discovery?

You’ll have to ask Randy, one of our founders, for the answers (he will say he has no answers, but you should continue to listen). Ask him about our Chicken™ process, Culture Pulses, defining Core Values then trying to live them, about Core Behaviors and the incredible interview model. Ask about being tough but fair. It’s hours of stories, and he is happy to tell them.

The night before we won the award (Modern Healthcare’s Best Place to Work in 2014), I left the office at a little before 8 PM. I tried to drag many of our team members out of the office, but they wouldn’t leave. This is a regular occurrence and without fail every time they say they love it. They say it is too important. They say it is too interesting. And they just keep going. They are totally unstoppable.

We have the kind of team that without skipping a beat will work hard until 2 AM and then wake up at 8 AM to go for a run on the beach or enjoy breakfast with each other. We work hard together and celebrate hard together. We find a reason to celebrate just about every single day: every birthday, work-a-versary, meeting set up, contract signed, product launched, feature completed.

It could be shallow, but it isn’t. The farthest from it. In my line of sight right now I see three people who have had a family member pass away far too soon, two who live with chronic healthcare conditions, one who recovered from a terrifyingly close call of sepsis, and one helping an amazing fighter of an aunt live through the last stages of cancer. These are as much a part of our culture as the birthday cakes, the beach house, the ski trips, and “The Transition” because it fuels the passion and dedication we have for everything we do.

We have helped millions of patients take a little better care of themselves. We have saved nurses thousands and thousands of hours of wasted time, letting them get back to the bedside. We have improved hospital stays, and prevented countless readmissions; we are engaging patients and letting their care teams coordinate better.

As our team continues to grow, maintaining our culture could get harder to do, but I’m not so sure. Every day we see new and truly awesome things coming from our growing team of brilliant entrepreneurs, as just this week two of our newest members have already produced outstanding work and feel as much a part of our Cipher family as those who have been with us from the beginning. It’s easy for us to get inspired. It makes us want to raise the bar, the bar we set for ourselves, and the bar we all set for each other.

Congratulations to the team at CipherHealth. This one is all yours.

Zach Silverzweig

Ranked as the “Best Overall Patient Engagement Company” in MedTech's Breakthrough Awards for 2020, and the top-performing vendor for patient outreach and digital rounding by KLAS in 2019, CipherHealth is a proven technology partner committed to enhancing communication and coordination throughout the patient journey. CipherHealth’s suite of patient engagement software empowers healthcare organizations to foster meaningful connections to ensure the best possible outcomes for staff members, patients, and their loved ones.