12 Little Things to Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

Happy New Year 1

CipherHealth has grown from a spunky startup to a larger company with offices around the US. Throughout this growth, one thing has remained true  – we are a collaborative team that works tirelessly to improve Patient Engagement. Our employees put their blood (not so literally), sweat, and tears into helping organizations better help patients and we are darn proud of it.

This environment can get stressful at times and we know your life has its own stressors as well! So, this January we wanted to share how our employees make their days just a little bit brighter.


  1. Read more often: Try to read for thirty minutes a few times a week to help relax. Reading a few pages is also a strategy to create mental space when stuck on a complex problem or task. – Alicia Fasciocco, Talent, Development, and Culture Manager
  2. Reduce caffeine intake: Too much caffeine can make you jittery and may add to stress. While completely removing caffeine is very difficult, one tip is to replace coffee with tea or chicory! – Jane Wang,  Creative Director
  3. Spend more time outside: Both inside and outside of work, try to make the time to be outside and go on walks – Mariya Dvoretskaya, People Operations Manager
  4. Drink more water: Not drinking enough water is a common struggle. One way to trick yourself into drinking more water is to drink a full glass of water before drinking coffee. – Alyssa Kleinman, VP Demand Generation
  5. Don’t sweat the small stuff – If something is bothering you, and that something is not going to matter in a few days or a few months, be like Elsa and Let it Go *snowflake emoji* – Riana Mahabir, Revenue Accountant
  6. Reduce sugar intake: Slowly taper off the amount of artificial sugars and beat that sugar addiction – Sunil Shah, Client Success Manager
  7. Take 30 minutes for lunch: Do not eat lunch at your desk while working, take some time to enjoy your food and have a mental break – Eric Kunz, Senior Manager, Marketing Automation
  8. Social media free time: Have daily time dedicated to putting that phone DOWN. -Tanisha Morris, Market Manager, Post Acute Care
  9. Focus on what you can control – Josh Koch, RVP Sales
  10. Be neater: Create the mental space to enjoy life by having less clutter. – Ben Kraus, Market Manager
  11. Develop healthier eating habits: Be more conscious of food choices and aim for nutrient dense options. – Emma Chowns, Senior Accountant
  12. Reduce, reuse, recycle: Help yourself by helping out the environment. – BJ Campbell, People Experience Manager


While accomplishing most of these tasks is easier said than done (if you break your caffeine addiction, please let us know how!) even the smallest steps toward a happier healthier year are worth taking. Cheers to 2019 and all we can accomplish!

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